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The Sage Ranch 

The Sage Ranch​

Harvesting naturally grown sage from the 

"Land of Enchantment"

Touching lives, one bundle at a time!

Subscription Boxes

Are you looking to step up your spiritual game or looking to get the kids started with mindfulness?  These monthly subscriptions are perfect for you!

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Rather its your first time smudging or your an experienced spiritualist, Sage Ranch is here to help guide you!

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Get ready to find you Zen with these healing tools! Guaranteed to add some calm to your hectic life.

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Ready to dig deep into your spiritual journey? These classes are designed to help guide you every step of the way.  We offer detailed master classes at a cost. In addition we have a mini classes that are free.

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Small Business Spotlight

"Deep Rooted Woman"

Alison Sherwood is the founder of, "Deep Rooted Woman". Alison created Deep Rooted Woman from a Dream and a Desire. A desire to create gorgeous, unique, high quality Malas & Jewelry to help align you to your personal intentions and create the life you want!  

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We have the tools you need to stay in you spiritual zone. Channel all that energy using these high quality crystals.  Perfect for the beginner or the experienced spiritualist. 

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Coyotes at the ranch.

Sage Ranch 

A short story about how it all started

In August 2019, Nick and Mari took a vacation to visit family in New Mexico. Upon arrival, Nick and Mari found themselves in love with the beauty that surrounded them: the mountains, the breathtaking sunset, the culture, and the naturally grown blue sage surrounding them, something they had never experienced before.  This beautiful land brought fullness to their hearts and made their relationship stronger.

Soon Nick and Mari would find themselves eager to share this experience with others. It was then, The Sage Ranch was born. Where people anywhere could experience a small part of the family's homestead in New Mexico. Today the family continues to expand the ranch little by little not in the pursuit of wealth, but in the pursuit of touching lives, one bundle at a time. 

Meet our family!

No task too large and no order too small! Mari makes it happen with grace. Whether it's an inspiring post or a positive affirmation. You can always count on Mari! 

Marivel Wheeler 

Chief Everything Officer (CEO)

From the farm to your home rest assured! If its a process, it's guaranteed that Nick has over thought it 3 or 4 times! 

Nick Wheeler 

Director of Operations 

The wizard behind the curtain! Jennie makes the magic happen, always hand picking sage with positive energy and the best intentions!

Jennie Wrigley 

Farm Manager