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The Sage Ranch 

2 lb Rose Quartz Freeform 



Rose Quartz is the stone of love, compassion and forgiveness. 

This piece weighs 2 lbs. 

Red Dragons Blood Sage



white sage dipped in dragons blood resin. Good for cleansing and purification. Fire element. Super protective.





Malachite is the stone of abundance and prosperity. Malachite is also connected to the heart chakra and will help you during a transformation period, while protecting you.


3lb rough Azurite w/ Malachite



Azurite Malachite is a perfect stone for emotional balance, compassion and selflessness.


The Guided Journey Monthly Box


Sign up from 11/23-11/30 and receive a free tumble stone chakra set with your first box! 

You can cancel anytime!

What's in the box:

5-7 items


sage bundle or loose sage blend

altar tools

Unique handcrafted rituals tool


Sage Sta​rter Kit​



This Set has everything needed for your sage burning experience. 

Dragons Blood Sage: protection, Clearing & grounding

Blessings Sage Stick: combination of desert Sage and resins to cleanse your space, while allowing the blessings to come

Palo Santo: replenishes the space with positivity, relaxation and calmness.

Abalone shell with wooden tripod: water element and used to collect the ashes from your Sage. 

Palo Santo



calming, soothing, revamps your energy space after doing a deep cleansing or smudging technique


Herb Collection



This collection includes​ a 3" wooden hand carved herb grinder, (1) 1oz loose White Sage. (1) 1oz pack of dried roses, (1) 1oz pack of dried eucalyptus. This is a perfect collection for those who perform rituals, candle magic, or like to brun their own herbal blend.




Zeolite heightens natural healing abilities and clears negative energies and toxins. Making room for positivity and peace to flow through

Hem Cinnamon & Apple Incense


There is no better way to welcome in the winter vibes with this amazing incense sticks! 

Mindful Gift Box



7 hand- picked items, ranging from sage, full size crystals, jewelry, incense, altar tools and more!  This is perfect for gifting to a friend or to self. 

Rose Of Jericho 



magikal properties: great to welcome in abundance, and removing and negative influences. Great for love and prosperity spells! Place near the entrance of your home to remove any negative influences while welcoming love, and prosperity! Brings in peace, and harmony. You can use the water to sprinkle on you and cleanse your aura, cleanse your floors and doorway and can be used for anointing candles.

1.5lb Rose Quartz Tower



Rose Quartz is the stone of love, compassion and forgiveness.

This piece weighs 2 lbs. 

Dessert Rose



Dessert Rose is the stone of confidence, and strength. Dessert rose will help open and align your chakras. 

Fire Quartz Free Form



Healing, balancing, grounding, concentration, self-esteem, and calming

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