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The Sage Ranch 

Mystery Boxes 

Florida Water

Mystery Boxes are a fun way for you to open a gift or to gift to someone else.  Mystery boxes will include at least 2 crystals, a sage bundle, incense and other items that can be used for your spiritual journey. 

Please note that there are no special requests for these boxes. 

Mystery Box

Limited Quantity

Gatekeepers Sacred Blend

  • We all have a gatekeeper in our lifetime. In honor of my Gatekeeper, my dearest abuela (grandma) we have been able to perfect this beautiful blend. Sometimes we can't burn sage anywhere or on the go. Often we carry the weight of the world, and just need a moment where we can embrace our inner calmness as we receive the energy of our gatekeepers who are always by our side. We are happy to offer this again! 
  • 8oz Sprayer with Gatekeepers Sacred Blend
  • Handcrafted during the full moon phase. 
  • blended with special oils, botanicals, and herbs in a slow brewing process. 
  • an intention candle is then lit in honor of all of our gatekeepers, angels and for those who purchase this spray. 
  • Obsidian crystal chips and clear quartz crystal chips are then added to provide protection and clarity. while bringing the divine light to you! 
  • May this Gatekeepers Sacred Sage Blend bring you: protection, divinity, clarity, love, clearing and calmness to your daily ritual. 
8oz Gatekeepers Sacred Sage Blend

Free Shipping!

Healers Oil Collection

Handcrafted essential oil blends to help you on your healing journey. Inspired by healers and named after Greek goddesses.

(5) 8ml essential oil roller ball blend

  • Lada (Goddess of love , joy & truth)
  • Astrea (Goddess of justice & innocence)
  • Oshun (Goddess of love, purity & sexuality)
  • Gaia (Goddess of earth & grounding) 
  • Lilith (Goddess of independence, self love & power

Healers Collection

Free Shipping!

Primavera Sage Blend

Florida Water

this sage blend was handcrafted by Mari herself. This blend is intended to bring in healing and new vibrations for your healing or spiritual journey. Yerba santa: heart healing 

:bay leaf: manifestation and releasing

lavender: soothing, calmness

2 crystals

orange: joy, happiness, uplift

and more!!! 

To burn simply place in a fire proof bowl, burn and set the intentions. Enjoy the aroma as you heal and bring in the beautiful spring vibes!! 

Primavera Blend

7 Chakras Herbal Tea Collection

This collection includes:

  • Handmade herbal tea blend to help heal and open your Chakras!
  • Each packet makes enough tea for 7-8 servings 

7 Chakras Herbal Tea Collection

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Perfectly Balanced Aura Spray

8oz.  spray made with organic essential oils such as:

  • Frankincense and Myrrh 
  • Palo Santo
  • Lavender

Infused with:

  • Moon water to attract prosperity, spiritual enlighten, and joy.
  • Amethyst crystal chips for protection and high vibes.
Perfectly Balanced Aura Spray

Free Shipping!