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The Sage Ranch 

Upcoming Courses

Activate is a 3 week course to help activate the shaman within. As a shaman myself, I have found that we all have a birthright of ACTIVATING the shaman within.

it is not "inappropriate" to have a desire to become one. Often, society has learned a way to put value with titles. Which then result to us being attached to labels. it is not our titles that create value within us. instead, it is us who create the value by allowing our light to shine and help others heal through our shamanic gifts.

👉I am excited to offer this beautiful 3 week course!

Activate is a course that will help you learn how to awaken the shaman within‼️

Class will start on June 4th!!!

Activate Paid In Full
weekly payment plan (3 weeks)
Bi-Weekly Option

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