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The Sage Ranch 

Upcoming Classes

Heal, Balance & Ignite Your Inner Magic

This is a 7 week program that will focus on each energy Chakra. In this 7 week course you will learn about each chakra. In this course you will learn the following: 

1. Detailed information on each Chakra 

2. Weekly journal prompts and affirmations to help heal and balance each chakra. 

3. Weekly guided meditations for each chakra

4. Live Healing sessions 

5. Weekly workshops which will consists of learning new rituals to help heal and balance each chakra. Some of these workshops will include learning how to work with herbs and crystals to help each chakra. 

6. Intro to tapping into divination and activities to help open you up for divination. 

7. A kit valued at $100.00 which will include oracle cards, candles, herbs and more. 

8. Access to a private fb group where you will have access to Mari, PDF's and videos. 

9. and more! 

Limited spots available! 

Heal, Balance & Ignite Course

Want a custom built box? The Sage Ranch is happy to create a customized package just for you!

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