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The Sage Ranch 

Work with Mari

Have you ever wanted to work with Mari ? Maybe you want to learn how to activate your gifts and show up confidently, while getting the support you need. When Mari started this journey, she realized it was hard for her to understand her calling or access her gifts with confidence. She didn't understand what it meant when spiritual leaders would say, "allow yourself to tap into your gifts with your higher self and your spiritual guides" This caused Mari a great deal of confusion and abandonment in the spiritual community. She didn't feel she was healed enough, qualified enough, let alone gifted. What Mari found was that we each hold a unique, special set of gifts.

Finally, she didn't need to people please or feel the need for approval from spiritual leaders anymore. She was finally able to access her own gifts and discovered that it is our birthright! She was finally able to step into her power with confidence. if you're ready to be guided in the right direction and ACTIVATE the most powerful part of you, then The Quantum Activation is a perfect 1:1 private container as you work and learn the wisdom that Mari holds. 

Monthly payments for 6 months

Can't pay in full? No worries, just set up a monthly payment option for $565 monthly

Bi-weekly payments for 6 months

This is an option for a bi-weekly automatic payment option for a total of 12 transactions of $287

Weekly payments for 24 weeks 

Set up affordable weekly payment options and work with mari for 6 months!  $159

What to expect

  • 2 calls per month
  • 6 month Voxer access so you can have mari available
  • Custom file folder with documents of things that we are working on
  • 6 month access to The Harmony paid membership group 
  • Free access to any upcoming classes for our time together
  • Healing and reading sessions as needed.